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Finish off any makeup look with a rosy glow! With this new product, it’s effortless to get this beautiful and subtle style. Today’s Influenster Voxbox review is sponsored by Marc Jacobs Beauty! I was so happy to be one of the chosen users that received Marc’s Airblush in Kink & Kisses shade. The box came with a little booklet that talked about the inspiration that went into making this blush. Marc wanted to capture the glow after coming from the dance floor, and make it an essential step in your makeup  routine. By reviving the draping technique from the 70s , this blush is meant to make your cheekbones pop! Adding a colorful glow to your cheeks brings out the natural “drape” to your face. 

This little black compact has a mirror on the top half and the Air Blush Soft Glow Duo on the bottom. It has stripes composed of complimentary cheek hues, a rose and a neutral pink combo.  This pigment works with every skin tone, and the color transfers very nicely! It lasted throughout the whole day and didn’t smudge off.

You can purchase this palette on Sephora, it comes in 5 different shades. It's one of the top rated blushes on the site right now! Let me know how you like to apply your blush or if you tried out this exact one, I'd love to see your look!

* I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

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This travel journal post is long due, but New Orleans, Louisiana was one of my top favorite trips this year. Walking through this city felt like I was at Disneyland, I definitely want to go back! I’ve always wanted to cross this place off of my bucket list for one yummy reason; the food!  However, there are a lot of other things to experience in this bright and colorful city.

Where to Stay

Crowne Plaza, New Orleans – Take advantage of IHG Points, we got a free upgrade to a suite! This hotel is located right on the most exciting streets in downtown. Set on the corner of Bourbon and Canal street, you’re very close to many great restaurants, bars, and of course the famous Bourbon Street. During our visit to New Orleans, we didn’t have to rent a car, call a taxi, or bike anywhere, everything was within walking distance from our hotel. Spoiled with upscale accommodations and access to a top floor balcony during the Mardi Gras parades made this hotel the right choice!

Places to Go

Jackson Square – Surrounding the square are a ton of local artists and musicians displaying their work, it was such a cool atmosphere to hear jazz playing while walking the streets. Here you can see President Jackson’s statue right in the middle of the square. You can purchase beignets from Café du monde right across the street, and then hang out in the grassy areas near the statue.

Mardi Gras – We were lucky to catch the last few days of the Mardi Gras season. There were non-stop parades going on and a lot of people were dressed up in creative costumes! My favorite memory was coming out of our hotel and there was a parade passing right through! During Mardi Gras, people on the parade floats toss so many things and beads at the audience! Be prepared to collect a ton of goodies, bring a large tote bag or a backpack to carry everything back to your hotel after the parade. There is a parade schedule online when the season comes, make sure to plan your day accordingly.

Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo – If you watched American Horror Story Season Three, you’ll be fan girling when you step through this shop. If you don’t plan on purchasing anything, it’s still a cool shop to browse through. You can’t leave New Orleans without visiting a voodoo shop. This tiny store is filled with random things from books, dolls, incense, rabbit feet, dream catchers and stones.

Where to Eat

If you plan to make this an epicurean trip, I highly suggest booking a food tour for New Orleans. Having sample tasting of food while learning about culture and history by foot is the best way to eat your way through the city. We booked a 3-hour tour with Destination Kitchen and were able to sample about 8 items, and to our surprise the portions were pretty large. We were stuffed by the end of the tour, by food and knowledge haha.

French Market – One stop on the tour was the French Market, but we decided to come back and visit to try other options. The French Market is composed of little cafes with countertop seating. One of the things we had to taste was Alligator jerky, a very unique meat. Near the Market was also a sweets shop with the best Pralines! The yummy, buttery melt in your mouth candy was something to die for! 

Sucre – This was another stop on our food tour, this cute little dessert shop with a modern interior creates delicious French macarons, gelato, and decadent sweets.

Acme Oyster House – this was the last restaurant we visited before heading to the airport. We definitely saved the best for last. There was a line forming on the outside, so I suggest going during a non-busy time like 11am or 2-3pm. We ordered a dozen oysters, which tasted so fresh, some gumbo, which was perfect over rice, and Fried Oyster Po -Boy, which has so many flavors.

Beignets – If you can wait, Café du monte. We didn’t have time to wait in line for these famous beignets, so we went to another café on Bourbon St. Beignets is must have dessert while you’re in NOLA. It’s a deep-fried piece of dough, fluffy on the inside, topped with powdered sugar. Eat it warm and enjoy!

Red Fish Grill – This was our first restaurant we tried on first night in! One dish to highlight was the BBQ oysters! This is a must order, if you plan to stop by. Freshly shucked and fried with a dash of hot sauce and house-made blue cheese dressing makes the perfect combination of New Orleans flavors.

King Cake – Your Mardi Gras trip is not complete without trying a King Cake from one of the bakeries. Colored purple, yellow and green this traditional cake is made with cinnamon, sugar, and pecans!

Where to Drink
Bourbon St. – This street is the hot spot for night life. cheap drinks, good music, and bead throwing makes this the perfect way to celebrate Mardi Gras. It’s literally lined with bar and bar with drink specials, jello shots, and of course pizza for those late night munchies!

The Beach – This open-air bar had the best music! There is also a back house with a dancefloor and a stage where you can dance.

Hand Grenade – A top drink to try out while you’re on Bourbon St. is a Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle. A tall green souvenir cup with the bottom that looks like a  grenade. This drink is definitely a creeper drink, it doesn’t taste that strong, but you’ll feel it!

Laffitte’s – Head all the way down Bourbon St and you’ll reach Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. Supposedly this bar is haunted, so when you go late at night it does get a little creepy. It’s one of the oldest bars in America and it’s lit up with candlelight. The bartenders here make the best Hurricane drink, so try it out, plus you get a souvenir plastic cup.

Resurrection Drink – Stop by Spirits on Bourbon, home of the Resurrection mixed drink. We ordered two Resurrections and it came in these awesome skull shaped plastic cups with a blinking light on the bottom. With liquid inside it made the whole drink look like a glowing ball! There was an option to put jalapeno slices on top as well if you want a spicy kick!

Carousel Bar – Visit Hotel Monteleone to see the famous Carousel Bar & Lounge. You’ll be reminiscing about your childhood days if you get a seat on the revolving bar.

Wish we could’ve stayed longer, but here is our short list of places we visited during our stay! Till next time NOLA, definitely need to visit the swamps and do a Graveyard Tour.

How to eat healthy throughout the day!

Today at work we had a Lunch N’ Learn taught by one of our awesome yoga instructors. The topic was how to eat healthy throughout the day, and starting healthy habits. This has been one of my life goals, but I’m always so lazy and never end up following through with my intentions. Here’s a quick glance of the things we can eat and drink to live a healthier life.

  • Do not start the day with coffee! Since it’s acidic it’s not really good for your tummy after you’ve fasted for about 8 hours! Try drinking a glass of water instead right when you wake up jumpstart your body. Keep a glass overnight next to your bed so it’s easy to access in the morning.
  • Eat breakfast! I really need to start meal prepping the night before. She talked about overnight oats which I really want to try out for work days! It looks quick easy and super delicious with all the different fruits you can add.

  • It’s ok to eat some cards during lunch because you need it for energy for the rest of the day. You should have a balanced meal, quarter portions of each food group. No creamy soups!

  • This is the best time to eat low card since you’ll be resting and getting ready to sleep after. Make half your plate veggies, a quarter of protein, and a quarter of a healthy side dish. Portion control is important at dinner, once you sleep all your extra intake may turn into fat.
  • Crock pots are a good investment for those on the go.

  • Drink lots of water, Rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces. Having a cool bottle with you helps in achieving your water intake goal.
  • Watch your calorie intake by using My Fitness Pal, track your meals so you don’t over eat.
  • Sign up for fitness classes to do something fun while working out at the same time!

For all those with busy lives, we know how hard it is to get our suggest 8 hours of sleep. We’re lucky if we even get 6! I challenged myself to at least have a few days in the week when I put everything aside, sleep early and remember that there’s always tomorrow. This means getting to sleep before 10pm. It was definitely a challenge since my body is used to sleeping late. However with the help of ZzzQuil, I was able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up super refreshed! Thanks to Influenster who sent me a sample to test.

This product may or may not work for you, everyone is different. I suggest getting a sample of it first to try before you buy the whole pack. The dosage is just two skinny capsules, all you have to do is take them with water right when you get into bed. Avoid looking at your phone or watching TV, this is reduce the quality of you much earned beauty rest! It takes about 30~60 minutes to kick in, just relax, maybe read a book, you’ll know when it’s time to get some shuteye. In the morning, I didn’t feel groggy, just make sure your getting at least 8 hours of sleep!

ZzzQuil claims to be non-habit forming, just make sure you’re not using it every day or you will get addicted. It’s all in the mind really, just use it for the night you need to have a good rest for the upcoming day. Better sleep means a happier and more productive day, so start doing something good for your well-being. Let me know in the comments what keeps you up at night or what benefits you see from getting a good night’s sleep.

* I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

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Influenster is a site where you can get honest reviews from real girls and bloggers. Flex your social media influence and you can unlock free VoxBoxes filled with complimentary products in exchange for your reviews. Sign up here to create an account.

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Life has been crazy busy so finding time to actually sit down and write has been hard. This past month has been a whirlwind, from finding out about mass shootings, dancing all night at EDC, getting really sick (felt like I was about to die) for a few days, cranking out orders in what feels like my busiest wedding design month yet, to buying a new car. I’ve made it a priority to organize my life in order to keep myself on track.

The shooting in Orlando made me realized how afraid I was to die, but more actually how afraid I was to die without living the life I wanted to live. It’s super cliché, like YOLO, but Drake is 100% right. Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the shooting, can’t even imagine how their friends and family are affected by it. After hearing the news, I felt scared because anything can happen, anything, anywhere anytime it all can end. Also the recent shootings of innocent people and officer on duty, I just want the shooting to stop. I hate to sound morbid, but with all this negativity came light. I realized that I shouldn’t be wasting my efforts worrying about what might happen if I go here, there, or anywhere.

I danced all night at my first EDC Las Vegas! Three days went by so fast, I can’t wait to go back. This rave has been my favorite, the production was on another level, our hotel room was filled with amazing people, so many talented artists played their best, and over it was a great escape from the real world. I think I’ll expand on EDC in a new blog post talking about my whole experience and what I learned. I got really sick after, not sure if it was from EDC or if I got food poisoning.

Style Palette, my Etsy shop has been slowly growing! I’ve been getting orders left and right, multiple in a week. It’s like having a second job! I’m glad I don’t work long hours at my full time, gives me plenty of space to work on my side hustle. I can’t complain, I really do love the wedding market. I don’t even need to advertise! Guests at a wedding see the products and they love it! It’s all word of mouth.

Last, but not least, I bought a brand new car! It was an arduous, spending a lot of time researching and at dealerships. I’m proud to say I’m an owner of a 2016 Honda HR-V! I learned a lot about finance and customer service and all the maintenance I’ll need to keep track off. Ahh the joys of becoming a car-owner. I need to get my windows tinted soon, it’ll look soooo sleek.

That’s all for now. I definitely need to start updating more. See you soon!

 Hi guys, I finally got my hands on a high end makeup product so I was super excited to try this one out. If I had to choose only one makeup product to use forever, it would 100% be mascara, especially one that makes your lashes full and natural like.

A few weeks ago, Influenster sent me a voxbox that contained a tube of Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara. I received #3 I'm the Excitement: A dark foresty green when in the tube, but when swatched it has a vibrant green color! I've never really played with colorful makeup so I thought I'd be stepping out of my comfort zone. I was actually hoping for the black one, but the thing about the green is that when applied it looks dark enough to be black. It only shows up green when you're in bright light!

I love the packaging of the mascara tube, An elegant square shape and a gold screw top makes it live up to its luxurious brand name. The wand picks up just enough product and separates your lashes for even coverage, very minimal clumps. I like to apply a few coats on the full length of my lash and then my last coats are just at the bottom to build volume. If you have the money to spend, i highly recommend this product if you like experimenting with colors!

  If you tried this product before, or have another line you can suggest let me know below!
*I received this from Influenster complimentary for testing purposes and a review.

Took some time to relax today and visited the Huntington Dog Beach with Andy and Jackson. We were pretty prepared today with our awesome new rainbow beach umbrella! There were so many cute dogs, Jackson kept visiting other families. With all the puppies to play with and amazing weather, I think more beach visits need to be scheduled! I seriously need to go more, I live within driving distance to so many beaches.

Just wanted to share some of my beach essentials that I took with me today.

1. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen
LOVE LOVE LOVE this sunscreen product from Hawaiian Tropic. The combination of moisture and sunblock is very important to me! I'm darker skin too, so it's nice to find something that doesn't make me look like a ghost! It applies nicely and evenly, and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all. The scent is so wonderful, coconut and vanilla swirled into a bottle, it's like your transported to the Hawaiian islands on a well deserved vacation. It definitely gives you protection from the sun with 30 SPF.

2. S'well Bottle
This S'well bottle keeps liquids cold the whole day! Perfect for a day at the beach. Since the bottle doesn't sweat, you won't have sand sticking to the sides, and it seals up pretty tight. I got mine at pointe discovery at Terranea.

3. Ray-bans  
My favorite pair of sunglasses. These are Ray-ban Erika style in rubber black. Light weight, durable, and they protect you from UV rays. It's the perfect essential for the beach. I got mine on, a sunglass subscription service where you can get unlimited eyewear for just a monthly fee. You can get your first month FREE by using my code STYLERAIDERS at check out! So worth it.