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by - July 10, 2015

Complete your look with a graphic phone case from Case Escape! From palm trees to geometric wood prints, there’s a case that will fit everyone’s personal style. If you’re into creative tumblr-esque designs, check out their Etsy store! They have pages full of beautiful cases for all the iPhone, Galaxy, and Note models PLUS different finishes (matte or glossy). If you’re worried about protection, but still want the color pop look, they also have a Tough Case Option.
iPhone 5C Glossy Case (x)
If you’re looking for basic protection, with a rad design, these are perfect. With a combination of vibrant ink and glossy finish, cases like this one stand out even more! Their most basic cases run for $18.99 each. Everything is printed on the case, so no worrying about different material levels and textures. This iphone case is slim fitting and not too bulky. Easy to snap on and take off, and because of its smooth plastic material, its easy to put in your pocket without it getting stuck. There are holes for easy access to the operating buttons.
iPhone 6+ Matte Ultra Protective Tough 2in1 Case (x)
Dual material design provides maximum protection while maintaining a very aesthetically appealing design. The silicone bumpers provide impact protection and the polycarbonate plastic distributes the force over the area of the phone, protection your precious phone inside. There is also a raise lip on all 4 sides of the phone allowing you to put your phone face down without fear of scratching the screen. There are cutouts for all the buttons and the speaker grille. There are flaps that open up for using your headphones and connecting your lightning cable. Overall it is very sturdy, and its easy to grip while using it on a daily basis.
Check out Case Escape on Etsy, they got you covered! by Andy Nguyen Photography

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