GoldSin Jewels // Review

by - July 10, 2015

You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram, and your friends may have been wearing them at the latest music festival. It’s everyone’s new obsession. Metallic temporary tattoos have become one of the hottest accessory trend to take over social media world. However, GoldSin Jewels created these flash tatts in 2006 and made them a luxury long before this hype came around.
Although GoldSin Jewels just debuted their collection to the US, they have already made their mark internationally in over 30 countries. These award-winning temporary jewels have been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other international high fashion magazines. With modern technology, gold can now be crafted into microfilm, simple and weightless, perfect for jewelry that won’t move around, get in the way, or break. These tattoos are safe for your skin, there are no harmful metals. GoldSin Jewels is perfect for every occasion, from informal to formal. A touch of class is never out of place.

Not your average temporary tattoo, these decals are actually made of real 24k gold and pure silver. Lowest price for a design is $7,but of course you’re paying for what you get. Now you can move up from boho hipster to classy elegance without breaking the bank. I was so excited to try these out, not very many people in the US have even heard of this worldwide brand, so I was in for a real treat.


I was surprised how long these lasted, it’s been a week since I put them on and they still look shiny! It only started to fade where my bra/tank straps were rubbing, but other than that they last for a good 7-10 days if take care of them properly!  Instead of sheets where you have to cut out each design, GoldSin has individual pieces so you can align them however you want. They’re super easy to apply, just clean your skin, peel off from the plastic sheet, with  the tattoo side down stick it to where you want to be placed. Dap a wet towel on the backing and leave on for 30 seconds, and then peel it off to reveal your shimmery new tattoos!
Here I am using part of the Macrame and Butterfly collections.
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Get yourself some affordable luxury and let you skin shine with GoldSin Jewels pure silver and gold tattoos! 

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