Pinky Paradise Colored Contacts Review

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Hi everyone! Today’s review is about Pinky Paradise, one of the largest circle lens online shops. At first, I was always afraid to try these because I have this automatic reaction to close my eye whenever my finger gets too close, but after multiple tries, putting them on became easier. Once they’re in, you see an instant change in your appearance. You look more vibrant, less tired, the color makes you feel like a different person. I maybe spent half an hour looking at my own eyes, taking selfies, and running to different lighting, just because i was so amazed at the color change. It’s like you’re in awe with yourself. I’ve worn my contacts a few times out and i’ve never had a problem with them. For shipping, even though they’re located overseas, my package came in a timely fashion, and everything was in once piece.
Wrapped in pink padding were two pairs of lens, two animal shaped lens cases, and velcro like hair holder! The cases are adorable and close tightly, they don’t spill or leak whenever I travel. right now if you order any lens online it comes with a free macaroon lens case.image
/// Geo Tri Color Brown (+)
Diameter: 14.0mm/14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
I picked these out because I wanted to try a natural color without too much enlargement. I was afraid that it wouldn’t show because my eyes are dark brown, but the color is a beautiful golden brown and it blends well with my eye. I also noticed that lighter colors make your eyes seem slightly larger.They are very comfortable to wear, however, if you’re a first time circle lens user, putting them on will be quite difficult. The lens dry out slightly after about 5 ~ 6 hours, but you shouldn’t be wearing them for that long anyways. If you need to freshen them up, eyedrops should do the trick.
//// Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Gray (+)
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Water Content: 38%
If you want big, doll like eyes, these are the perfect lens for you. These lens have a black ring around the outside of the iris, and gray and brown specks toward the middle. Since the diameter for these are much bigger than the geo browns, they have a greater enlargement effect. I wore these lens for a photo shoot, and my eye color popped in the photos. They looked more blue than gray with flash lighting and in close ups they look like shiny globes! In person they look like a non natural grayish blue. These lens are opaque enough to cover dark brown eyes, but you can still see part of your natural iris near the center. These were actually more comfortable to wear, but it took me a little bit longer to put on.

Sorry for the different picture qualities, I took them at different times. I absolutely loved how my contacts looked on me, the color was amazing. I highly recommend buying lens from PINKYPARADISE, if you’re thinking about purchasing some. 
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