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by - July 09, 2015

I’ve finally hit my $1000 payout on Vinted! To be honest, I am a dangerous combination of a clothes hoarder and shopaholic. There have been many days where I’ve stared at my closet, thinking “I have nothing to wear” or “I need new clothes...again”. If you’re like me, you get over certain styles pretty fast, and sometimes you just leave them in your closet never to be seen again! Vinted has helped get rid of all my old clothes that have been sitting in my closet for years. Who knew I had a closet full of unused cash! Over the past 6 months on Vinted, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Everyone wants to be a successful seller on Vinted, whether it be just to clean out your closet, or become a small business. Here are some tips I’ve put together on how to achieve that.
Photos: They’re the first thing people see on your profile, in the catalogue, or in the forums. I suggest using a light clean background (preferably white) and great natural lighting. Focus only on the item you’re trying to sell, the less distractions in a photo, the better. Get some closeups and take pictures of the back. If there are flaws make sure you take photos of that too. Keep your closet photos consistent. For me I like hanging my clothing up. Luckily Vinted gave me a super cute hanger for my photos, but you can get creative and upcycle some of your own! Pinterest has a ton of hanger diy tutorials. I used to take pictures with my phone, but I invested in a high quality point and shoot camera that takes clear and crisp photos. You can tell the difference when you look at your closet as a whole.
Inventory: Make sure you have quality items in your closet. If you have destroyed/trashy looking items people might be turned off, so decide whether it’s better to just donate your item instead of wasting time listing it. Also if you list more items, you’ll come up more in the catalogue, which will lead to more clicks to your profile page. Make sure you utilize that description box!
Pricing: You are free to price your items however you want, but please remember since some of your items are used they have already lost some value. Keep your prices reasonable and be open to offers.
Packaging: Give people reasons to leave you positive feedback. I like getting crafty and reusing paper goods to package my orders. I mean everyone loves mail day, and it’s even better when your order is presented well. I usually wrap things in tissue paper, tie it up with a pretty ribbon, and add a small hang tag that says thanks and letting them know its from vinted. I also add in a handwritten thank you note, so the transaction is personal, and so the customer feels appreciated.
Shipping: I use a small weighing scale to figure out which shipping option to use. By getting an accurate weight there won’t be any mistakes in choosing a shipping size. This avoids you or the buyer having to pay for extra postage. For first class I suggest investing in poly mailer envelopes (cheap, lightweight, and has adhesive on it), I usually get them in two different sizes (6”x9” and 10”x13”) from amazon. I know some people like using the colorful pretty ones with patterns on them, but I choose to use the plain light gray ones so they don’t attract too much attention. For medium and large shipping use free priority envelopes and boxes that usps has on their website or at their post offices! This way you save money for your first class shipping. Ship out as soon as possible, nothing’s worse than not knowing where your package is. Let the buyer know if there is a delay on your end.
Customer Service: Interact with your customers, answer when asked. Always have a conversation instead of just dropping one worded answers. People will note how nice you were when they leave some feedback! Respond as soon as possible, it lets people know that you are serious about selling to them, and the longer a customer waits, there's a higher chance they will change their mind and not buy. If they ask for you to model the item, take the opportunity and make an #ootd out of it! (see #8) Also explain how it fits on you and your height/normal size. Once you rack in the feedback, sales will come!
Socialize & Network: Talk on the Forums, make yourself known throughout the Vinted community, have pics that make people click on your name. This will increase traffic to your closet and you’ll have a higher chance of people following you. I really love the Forums aspect of Vinted, you get real answers from real people, and there's an endless amount of topics you can talk about.
Marketing: I strongly recommend using other social media outlets to advertise your Vinted closet. It raises awareness amongst friends that haven’t used the site before. For me I like creating #ootd with items that I'm selling, and posting them on Instagram, Facebook, and my blog. In the caption I include my referral link and say if people sign up with it they can receive a $5 voucher to buy this specific item! and it has worked very well for me so far. Always hashtag with relevant tags and also include vinted specific hashtags (#vinted #vintedtreasures #fromvintedwithlove)
Those are my top tips! Please message me or comment with any questions, I’d love to help.
♡ Your fellow Vintie,

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  1. This blog post is amazing! I wish I would have read it a few years ago when I started Vinted. I've been on Vinted for a few years and although I know many of these tips there are a few I could use to help me make more sales. Great job on all of your sales and thank you for the tips!

  2. Hi !!! Thanks for those awesome selling tips !! I can't wait to apply them:)

  3. Hi !!! Thanks for those awesome selling tips !! I can't wait to apply them:)

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share! Very helpful ✨🌹✨

  5. Loved your blog! You're right on about your photos, as look crisp and clean! Loved your hanger too!:a