My List of Essential iPhone Apps

by - September 23, 2015

 Getting ready for a fresh start…. with a new iPhone 6s! I always seem to get the “Storage is almost full” notification, but since I’m getting a phone with more storage space, I don’t have to worry about that for awhile. Here’s a new opportunity to declutter. Thought it’d be nice to clean up what I currently have on my phone since there’s a ton of apps I never use. Here’s a list of essential apps I decided to keep. I use most of these everyday and make my day a little bit easier.


  • Google Maps - Although I have an Apple Device, Google Maps still wins. It syncs with your calendar, you can zoom out of the map, it’s just overall easier to navigate with.
  • GasBuddy - Useful app that lists gas prices according to your location. This way you can find out the cheapest option and save some change. You can help your community by submitting gas prices as well (since they’re always changing), and win prizes for participating!
  • Uber - Always be prepared, you never know when you need a ride somewhere. Love this app because you can estimate how much a trip will cost and see who’s coming to pick you up. All you have to do is set up your pickup and dropoff location and pay through the app. No tips needed! It’s great for going out, so you won’t need a DD. I’ve used it to get to work when my car is out for maintenance, when I needed a ride to get to the airport, and getting around cities where parking is impossible.
  • Spotify - Best playlist music app with a shuffle option! No data usage with T Mobile too, major plus! Maybe someday I’ll get premium...
  • Yelp - Everyone’s favorite review site, perfect for figuring out the best places to eat on your trip. Great for finding some awesome hole in the walls in your hometown too.


  • Shopkick - If you shop a lot or just have a ton of binge trips to Target, this is app is a must have! There are three ways to earn kicks, which are points that can be redeemed for gift cards. All you have to do is walk into a store, scan products, or link a card and earn kicks for purchasing.
  • Cartwheel - calling all Target shopaholics! On top of your 5% Redcard discount, and manufacturer’s coupons, you can find even more discounts on this app. With hundreds of offers, you get to compile everything you're interested into one barcode. All you have to do is scan your phone at checkout.
  • Vinted - My favorite selling/buying app. If you have way too many clothes you don’t wear and need some extra cash, Vinted allows you to sell, swap, and buy from your phone! I love the sense of a social site integrated into a selling app. There’s a forum, where you can talk about anything! Other than that the community is filled with fashionable girls who are always looking for a great deal. I’ve made over $2000 on here.


  • Starbucks - I'm always more productive at a coffee shop compared to my desk at home. When I go work on stuff I always use my gold card on the app to pay. Take advantage of free coffee refills while you’re there. They have plenty of opportunities to earn stars, so one you reach that 12th one, treat yourself to a Venti secret menu recipe frappuccino!
  • 2do - My favorite productivity app. I use this as my daily to-do list, calendar, reminder list, and even as my bucket list! You can make any list possible, it’s so satisfying checking things off when you're done.
  • Soundcloud - I listen to EDM a lot when I’m trying to work, but whenever I’m on my Itunes Library I tend to skip like 10 songs till I get to one of my favorites. I prefer Soundcloud because some DJs post their hour long radio shows or podcasts, which allows me to listen without distractions or ads.
  • Battery Doctor - Helps clear up cache and junk files on your phone.


  • Netflix - $8.99 membership and hundreds of shows to binge watch. SOLD. I use Chromecast so I can watch everything on my TV. But besides that, Netflix is a good time killer if you have a connection to wifi.
  • Youtube - Perfect for watching random videos of puppies and random tutorials, am I right?


  • Facebook / Messenger - Keeping up with everyone’s lives is kinda hard without Facebook, of course there’s other useful features such as events, groups, and even messenger. Sort of like texting but with cute stickers!
  • Instagram - My favorite social app! I love posting my favorite photos on here, I treat it like a photo diary. There’s a lot of opportunity to get noticed too, by tagging with a hashtag or tagging a company’s account. The photo editing on the app has gotten so much better too!
  • Pinterest - Perfect for finding inspiration no matter where you are.


  • Mint - Easiest budgeting tool. This allows you to set goals, see how much you’re spending in certain categories, and shows how much money you have in the bank. It helps control impulse buys!
  • Venmo - Splitting the bill at restaurants gets confusing sometimes, especially with a big group. Let one person pay and then they can request the right from everyone all through the app. It’s great for paying bills, or paying back a friend.
  • Paypal - Another app where you can request and send money, it’s super easy. Plus you can make shipping labels on the website.


  • VSCO Cam - I love the preset filters on this app, you can also purchase filters through their library.
  • Pic Design - this app has super cute design overlays. Little doodle, phrases and shapes can definitely complete a picture. To get full access to more art you need to purchase the app for only $2.99.

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