Hairburst | 1 Month Review

by - November 09, 2015

We all have a love / hate relationship with our hair. My hair always had to be perfect. I used to straighten, blow dry, bleach. I didn't realize how much I was damaging my hair. I’ve tried numerous products, shampoos conditioners, oils, blow dry creams, not knowing that these chemical filled products are actually pretty bad for my hair. Before I started my Hairburst journey, I decided to cut a few inches off for a fresh start. Of course it took me forever to actually push myself to go, I don’t really trust anyone with my hair! Since my hair grows slowly, I always fear that they’ll cut off too much or just mess up my style. With a new trim, it was finally time to start the Hairburst process.

So what is Hairburst?

Hairburst is a UK based brand that sells a supplement that promotes healthy hair growth. Every bottle contains 60 white (large) capsules, enough supply for one month. Directions say to take two daily. I like to take them in the morning, right when I wake up and before I brush my teeth. They have a slight smell, but if you swallow them and chug water right away you’ll forget about.

Hairburst claims to nourish hair from within. Which is so true when you think about hair growth. It helps with less breakage, strength and overall health which leads to longer hair. People recommend taking Biotin for hair growth, but that made me break out, so I'm happy that I found a supplement that didn’t give me noticeable pimples!! I highly recommend this product if you want the full effect.

This is my review for only 1 month of using Hairburst, if you want optimal results their website suggests that you use them for a longer period of time.

My Results

Yes I already have long hair, but it’s a struggle to grow out since the ends just break off. I’ve stopped straightening and only blow dry when i absolutely need to so that my hair can grow out healthier. By doing this while taking Hairburst supplements I noticed less fall out hairs, less breakage, less split ends. My hair is shinier and less frizzy when I airdry. After one month I did notice that my hair grew a little bit longer! I was so happy with the results, usually my hair takes FOREVER. Combining the pills with minimal heat and product use, I can definitely feel and see the difference.

Check out Hairburst products here, and start your healthy hair journey now!

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