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by - November 21, 2015

With heat styling and hair dying, we always seem to be damaging our hair to look our best. If you’re like me you’ve start to notice the bad effects this has on our hair. Split ends, dryness and dullness make us want to find the perfect treatment for our hair emergency! I was lucky to test out Nexxus’ Emergencee reconstructive system. This set is formulated with 100% pure elastin protein and marine collagen, ingredients that strengthen and repair damage done to our hair.

Here are the products:
  • Rebalancing Shampoo: EmergenceeEnriched with concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and Marine Collagen, our silicone free Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo cleanses while rebuilding the broken protein structure.
  • Pre: Reconstructing Treatment: EmergenceeEnriched with a high concentration of proteins, collagen and elastin, the treatment is proven to repair and rebuild intensely damaged hair. Our Emergencée Reconstructing Treatment reinforces the hair fiber within.
  • Restoring Conditioner: EmergenceeEnriched with concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and Marine Collagen, our Emergencée Restoring Conditioner reinforces the cuticle wall, rebuilding strength by reducing breakage and repairs the inner fiber of each strand.

Three steps for gorgeous hair, it’s simple enough. Overall, this set of products is amazing for damaged and dry hair. A huge plus is that it smells wonderful, a sort of sweet soft scent, my boyfriend said I smelled like candy!  First the shampoo has such a luxurious lather, it felt like you were giving yourself a salon treatment! The next step is the reconstructing treatment. The package comes with 4 single use tubes. After you lather up and rinse the shampoo, apply the treatment oil all over and wait about 5 minutes for the product to soak in. Your hair will feel slick and moisturized. After rinsing it off, it is suggested to shampoo again so your hair isn’t oily. After that you massage in the conditioner, my favorite part. Most of the conditioners I’ve used that promote deep conditioning leave a waxy residue and tangles my hair. To my surprise, this conditioner left none! Already my hair felt so different, no more breakage while combing through my hair during and after the shower. It such a clean soft feeling, even after my first use I definitely felt a change!

Thank you Influenster for the free products to test!

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