L'oreal Extraordinary Oil // Review

by - April 26, 2016

I'm always trying to downsize my hair products so that my bathroom stays clean and less cluttered, but it's hard to find the right combination of oils and serums that work on my stubborn hair. If you're like me you have hard to maintain hair (damaged, thick, dry and dull). Once you find a miracle product that magically brings life back into your hair, you better share your results with the world. Luckily I was able to try out L'oreal Paris' new Extraordinary Oil Trio, thanks to Crowdtap. I was so excited to test them since I haven't really been treating my hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Each product is created with an oil complex made of coconut, argan, chamomile, amla, soja, and sunflower. All of these ingredients have amazing benefits for deep nourishment for dull and lifeless hair.

Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Shampoo // When I popped open the cap, its scent reminded me of a salon product! It lathered so luxuriously, and rinsed off without stripping moisture from my locks.

Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Conditioner // After shampooing, I massaged the conditioner starting from the ends and worked up to my roots. I let the product sit in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing, so that it could soak in. My hair felt so velvety smooth while rinsing the product out.

Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum // After washing and conditioning, I let my hair air dry to get rid of excess moisture. I massaged the oil into my hair, avoiding the roots, and then I blow dried. I wanted to see if this would work great as a heat protector and a styler. I usually blowdry my hair straight and this leaves my hair dry and not smooth. The oil created a nice shine on my hair and it actually looked super healthy!

Here is my before and after, you can definitely see the shine. I highly recommend these products if your hair needs some reviving. For the quality, it's so worth the price, no need to splurge on high end products anymore! Let me know in the comments if you tried this product out, and if it changed your hair routine. Love it!

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