Love Letters #419

by - April 19, 2016

"28 months of my life and I feel just as elated as the first day that we met. You have been such a powerful influence and driving force in my life, I could have never made it here without you. You have been integral to my success, a vital part of my perseverance, and simply the muse to all of my inspiration. Before you, I have tried to separate myself from romance. Tried to be this self-made individual that does not need anyone else to be successful. The truth of it all is, that I was wrong. I could have never made it through all of the hardship if it were not for you. You have inspired me to be more than I thought I could ever be. You have taken my hand when I felt like nothing. You have held me when I was scared, telling me that everything would be okay. Most of all, you’re patient. More patient than I could ever be. We are similar in a lot of ways but contrasting but complementary elements in others. I would not have asked for it any other way. We fit perfectly like a unique puzzle. One of a kind, but a perfect fit for each other. You’ve helped me grow into a better person, and I hope that that’s the person you want to be with forever. I love you, and I love how far we’ve come. It feels like the very first day, and I’m excited for the future we have ahead of us. I love you, Archel Arindaeng."

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