Life Updates

by - July 08, 2016

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Life has been crazy busy so finding time to actually sit down and write has been hard. This past month has been a whirlwind, from finding out about mass shootings, dancing all night at EDC, getting really sick (felt like I was about to die) for a few days, cranking out orders in what feels like my busiest wedding design month yet, to buying a new car. I’ve made it a priority to organize my life in order to keep myself on track.

The shooting in Orlando made me realized how afraid I was to die, but more actually how afraid I was to die without living the life I wanted to live. It’s super cliché, like YOLO, but Drake is 100% right. Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the shooting, can’t even imagine how their friends and family are affected by it. After hearing the news, I felt scared because anything can happen, anything, anywhere anytime it all can end. Also the recent shootings of innocent people and officer on duty, I just want the shooting to stop. I hate to sound morbid, but with all this negativity came light. I realized that I shouldn’t be wasting my efforts worrying about what might happen if I go here, there, or anywhere.

I danced all night at my first EDC Las Vegas! Three days went by so fast, I can’t wait to go back. This rave has been my favorite, the production was on another level, our hotel room was filled with amazing people, so many talented artists played their best, and over it was a great escape from the real world. I think I’ll expand on EDC in a new blog post talking about my whole experience and what I learned. I got really sick after, not sure if it was from EDC or if I got food poisoning.

Style Palette, my Etsy shop has been slowly growing! I’ve been getting orders left and right, multiple in a week. It’s like having a second job! I’m glad I don’t work long hours at my full time, gives me plenty of space to work on my side hustle. I can’t complain, I really do love the wedding market. I don’t even need to advertise! Guests at a wedding see the products and they love it! It’s all word of mouth.

Last, but not least, I bought a brand new car! It was an arduous, spending a lot of time researching and at dealerships. I’m proud to say I’m an owner of a 2016 Honda HR-V! I learned a lot about finance and customer service and all the maintenance I’ll need to keep track off. Ahh the joys of becoming a car-owner. I need to get my windows tinted soon, it’ll look soooo sleek.

That’s all for now. I definitely need to start updating more. See you soon!

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